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Sex and being slimmer: Warning! Adult Content!

Y’all know by now I am not too shy about talking about sex. (If you don’t then you haven’t been reading this for very long and/or haven’t read the archives yet.) The other thing I am not shy about is talking about my weight loss surgery.

Something that has really changed for me since the surgery and losing nearly 50 pounds has been how great sex is again. I’m not talking about positions either because at 55 and 43 the honey and I aren’t as limber as we used to be. But how I feel about my body with the lights on and off is so different now. I notice that sex on the couch is nicer, I’m not falling off anymore. I fit his body better too now that I am more slim. It’s nice that he can wrap his arms around me now. And I don’t feel like I am supporting him on a belly made of fat. Our chests actually touch now instead of his chest meeting my tummy and I don’t have to hike my leg up and hang onto it for dear life so he can fit between my legs. I still have a bit of padding around the middle so I’m not all skin and bones just yet but its nice that he can pick me up and move into the position he wants without me having to help too.


So if you were looking for yet another reason to love the VSG this is a good one. Sex is better because I feel more confident about my own sexiness. And yeah, if him passed out in the bed right now is any indication I am darn sexy nowadays!

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