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All the things I wish I could say

So I am an open-minded Pagan in a family of  Christian bigots. And I can’t say a word. They can post their Bible verses on how wrong it is to be gay, how we shouldn’t tolerate abortion, even how wrong pre-marital sex is and I can’t say a word.

I can’t remind them that their Bible says to pluck the beam out of your own eye before you turn on your neighbor to get his splinter out. Or how we are not to judge because with the same measure we judge we will be judged. I can’t remind my child that she is pregnant for the second time out of wedlock. I can’t remind my mother that gossip is equally a sin in the eyes of her God. I can’t say that their intolerance has driven more than person not into the arms of a loving creator but into the arms of drink and drugs because they made that person feel so low that they didn’t want to live anymore.

Why can’t I say all these things? Because that would make me just like them, that would cause a fight that would never end and because in the end they would not change their hearts and minds but would only be self-righteously indignant with me. And I am already going to hell, according to them, since I am a Pagan and read the Devil’s cards.