The Wild World of Internet Dating

Really I have not been trying to find dates online in the traditional sense of I want to find my next love or something. I really do want to hook up with people who like fishing, hunting, hiking, shooting pool, watching a good football game, etc. The problem is that there are not a lot of women that want to do these things. Really these are guy dominated activities and we all know it. One of the issues I’m finding is that guys don’t think I seriously am into these things but i am just out looking to get laid and saying that I am into all this stuff for their benefit. No, really guys, I do like doing all that stuff I listed. Yes I look like a girlie-girl in the extreme in a couple of my pics but what about the ones where I have dirt on my knees from falling down the mountain I was hiking, or the one where I’m grinning ear to ear holding my fishing pole and the biggest male walleye I have ever caught? Will it take pics of me actually field dressing a deer or gutting a fish with a smile on my face for y’all to get it that I don’t mind the squirmy guy stuff? But see then y’all think I’m a lesbian. Which would be fine if I was but I’m not. I’m just burned out on all the stereotyping. And I’m really frustrated I guess that a lot of men don’t seem to be to very enlightened these days. Ah well, their loss and they can keep their dick pics for the girls that want em. I just wanna go fishing.

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