That Transformation Thing

Okay, so step one of the New Year New Me transformation was the weight loss, step two the hair, step three the teeth. Now it’s on to step four… school. I am attending University of Metaphysical Sciences to get my degree as a life coach. I will still do weddings and tarot readings for folks but I think it’s time to do something with all the rest of the cool stuff I love to study too. And the degree as a life coach combines everything I already study along with some stuff I didn’t think about before.  Ray is pretty happy for me. He says I am good at it so why not? I should be doing what I love. And he is right. As usual lol.

I conducted a reading about my life purpose using all 6 of my Doreen Virtue oracle decks and the main message was the same for all of them. Time to do something new career-wise and time to go back to school. I did a search for metaphysical schools online and the University of Metaphysical Sciences. It’s curriculum is well-organized, the prices are reasonable and they have a myriad of payment options including work study and scholarships available. I am still working on the scholarship application at the moment as I don’t have a spare $195.00 for the down payment just laying around. I am still waiting on the universe to cough that up lol. I figure if it wants me in school then the least it could do is come up with the tuition for me to go.

Really though, I can’t wait to begin. I am praying that I qualify for the scholarship. I would like to be able to get started now. But then you know me, once I latch onto something I dive right in head first and get busy as fast as possible on learning everything I can about it. Anyway, the course work starts out in the Bachelors Degree and the classes I am most looking forward to in that one are the Affirmations and Reprogramming, Herbs and Natural Medicines, Native American Traditions, the entire Meditation Skills section, the entire Intuitive Skills section, and The “A Course in Miracles” section. Plus there are a lot of fun looking electives to take too. Of course all of it looks fascinating to me but those are the ones that just grab my attention immediately. Probably because those have been subjects I am already studying on my own.

Then there’s the Masters Degree. With Yoga and Reiki, Hypnosis, and Career Skills topping the list of “Can’t wait to study this stuff”. Again there’s a lot of info that I want to sink my teeth into but patience is a virtue I am trying to cultivate lol. Once I finish my Master’s degree I will be on to doing my dissertation for my Doctorate. Anybody want to volunteer to be my first victim… I mean client? Hee Hee. Anyway, I am looking forward to doing what I am supposed to be doing with my life and not just putzing around waiting on the world to show me what my purpose in life is supposed to be.

I am so excited I can hardly stand it but will keep you all updated with the latest and greatest as it happens around here.

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