Been A While

Wow, it’s been sometime since I have been on here. Should probably rectify that at some point.

Where I am at with things right now… Settled into the new job fairly well I think. I’m not the greatest at it although I did have a perfect quality month in March. Then proceeded to screw it up with a really bad monitor right off the bat this month. Ah well live and learn I suppose.

The home front is not getting any easier to deal with. Graduation is in May and the kiddo is getting ready for that. And as if that was not enough, tensions are running high between her and my boyfriend again. That is sort of a never ending thing here of late. Like every 3 or 4 months they have to have some huge ordeal or something. I think the last one was in December. The problem is that we found out something that could potentially get us all in trouble depending on what is said and done. I just don’t know how to get the consequences of her actions through to her. Now I am going to have to leave her and him home all day while I go to work. That’s going to make for a lovely day here. Maybe I should suggest she go spend sometime with her grandmother before she leaves for New Zeland. Her grandmother isn’t getting any younger and I think it would thrill her to have the kiddo close by for a little while. But how do I suggest THAT without coming off like I am trying to get rid of her? I don’t know what to do at this point. Moving out with her until she leaves for NZ seems kind of pointless to me. Aside from the fact that August isn’t too far away, I would have to sign a lease for a year with pretty much any place except the student rentals.

And to top it all off, I am dealing with some new medical thing. I tried walking to and from work three weeks ago when it was gorgeous out. That was not a good idea. While work is only a mile and a quarter away by the time I got home my stomach was cramped so hard I could barely breathe. The muscles were locked down hard.  After three days of absolute pain I went to my doctor. She had me in for some tests, which came back normal. Great! however I am still in pain if I try to walk or do too much physical activity. So she put me on Previcid to see if that helps. Day 5 and nothing has changed at all. I tried telling her it’s not my guts that hurt its the muscles. To go along with all of this I am trying to quit smoking. On Welbutrin for it now, but, although I am awake and alert for longer periods without needing a nap, I am still smoking. But, it’s only been 3 weeks on it so maybe it just takes longer to get through to the smoking part of my brain and let it know I can stop now. The doc also recommended weight loss surgery and so I have been researching that as well.

So yes I am little bit stressed out and blogging has been the very last thing on my mind as of late.

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