The Importance of Ritual

I have been a victim of ennui this last year. It has been easier to just let things slide than deal with them. With Master and I having been sick, the change of jobs and all that inherent stress, as well as all the family issues we have had to deal with, well thinking on my submission and remaining aware of it on a daily basis has been pretty non-existent. It’s not as if we have wanted to get out of D/s mode but vanilla life can get pretty overwhelming if not kept in check. So in reading several friends blogs, and trying to weed through the bookmarks in my browser, I was reminded once again how important it is for us to have those little rituals that keep us aware of who we are on a day to day basis. So this week I am attempting to incorporate some of the rituals we used to do back into the daily routine. I will try to post a few of them once I get started with them again.

And it seems that this is the season for rituals, not just in my D/s lifestyle, but in a lot of other areas as well. In my spiritual life I will be attending a Samhain ritual for the first time ever. We don’t really have a coven or church. What we do have is a bunch of friends who found out we are Pagan or Wiccan and pretty much believe the same way with a few minor differences here and there. And so we decided to gather up at a friends house and hold a New Year ritual on the 31st. I think I am looking forward most to the burning bowl ceremony. I have so much in my life that I want to put back on track or just get rid of that I have spent the last couple of weeks really trying to refine the specifics of what I want to ask the Universe for help with. My 3 big huge areas right now are my health, finances, and getting our home de-cluttered and organized.  A tall order, I’m sure but i know that the Universe is big enough to assist me with anything I ask.

I would love to know what some of your rituals are. Not just in D/s or spirituality but also those things that help keep you sane day to day.

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