Its a Mad World

What do you do when your whole world feels like it’s upside down, inside out and twisted backwards? How do you get out of the slump?

Right now I feel that way. There is no D/s in my relationship as we are way too busy with the vanilla parts of our world to even think about D/s at the moment.  I have got a terrific new job but cant seem to be able to meet the call center metrics and may not have the job for much longer if it keeps going the way its going.  My parents are making plans to come here but I really don’t want them to. This is my space and for them to come here seems like an invasion. I feel like I am neglecting my studies in things I am truly interested in but every time I make plans to get started back something happens and they get put on the back burner again.

I just want to have a normal D/s relationship, work a decent job that doesn’t require every moment of my limited spare time, be able to study again and to feel like everything is normal again.

Maybe I just need to decide to do this stuff. I will get the D/s aspects of our relationship back. I will meet the call center metrics at all times. I will take up my studies again. Let’s see if that works.

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