Where I Went…

So for those that don’t have me friended on Facebook  or Twitter  so far, here’s whats been going on. I got a new job. That’s right! No more nights in the convenience store scrubbing everything in sight and standing for 8.5 hours a night. In fact no more overnight shifts anymore at all.

I landed a fabulous job in a call center within walking distance of my house working a shift that lets me get my kiddo off to school in the mornings and see her at night for more than a a couple hours. I get to spend my evenings with my family doing stuff we like to do and just enjoying being with them.

However, it has not been easy getting to this point. I had some pretty intense training to go through and since its been a very long time since I  trained for anything I pretty much focused on that and that only for 3 weeks.  Now I start my normal schedule this  weekend so I think I can relax a little. Still in learning mode but not having to think about upcoming assessments makes things feel a little less threatening.

Right now I am focusing on learning all the things I need to say,  how to give astounding customer service in the best way possible and keep CL from firing me. (I’ll fill you on who and what CL is later.) I’m monitored a lot on my calls so with a lot of help from those I am sure I will be doing a fabulous job in no time at all.

So I’m back! And hopefully better than ever.

Missed you all!

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