New Year New Me

I know, New Years isn’t the best time to make resolutions because people rarely stick with them. Which is why I am doing this now HA!

Seriously, after a year of doing pretty much next to nothing due to illness and surgery I am tired of being out of shape and having a shot immune system. So, I’m putting together a “Get my body back” regimen.

I’ve made a “2010 To Do List” of things I want to accomplish this year. But, a lot of my problem finishing things comes from lacking motivation. I want to do things to improve my health, my mind and my situation in life but it’s difficult to do alone. Perhaps by putting it out for the whole world to see, I will finally be able to get this stuff done. So here it is in all its glory and gruesomeness lol.


1.) Get back into shape

2.) Quit smoking

3.) Take more “Me time”

4.) Learn to a few different dance styles (ie. Belly Dance, pole dancing, ballroom dancing)

5.) Get my tattoos done

6.) Grow out my hair


1.) Save $50.00 from every check in savings

2.) Get control of my spending

3.) Start paying off all debts

4.) Get insurance started up again Done


1.) Finally get rid of all the “junk” from the upstairs apartment

2.) Get all the stuff we have to keep into plastic totes and in the basement

3.) Get the downstairs apartment cleaned out

4.) Have a yard sale and get rid of all the stuff we don’t need, want, use

5.) Help Ray and the roomie get the garage finished.


1.) Find funding to pay for the classes I want to take

2.) Finish my Green Witch class

3.) Finish my ministerial counseling class  (finally got all the books in for this one. Should be finished by May!)

4.) Get at least 10 chapters on my book done. (This one’s way on the back burner for now)

5.) Finish writing my tarot lessons for the website I started them on.


1.) Start a “Girl’s Day Out” with the kidlets

2.) Have regular “Date Nights” with Ray

3.) Take the time to go to all the places we have been talking about taking the girls

4.) Take lots more pictures and videos of us as a family (Got all the pieces and parts needed for the digital camera finally so this one should be good to go now.)

Well, I think this is a good list for the upcoming year. I know it isn’t too overwhelming for me, I just have to get busy and get it done lol. But as I said, I have to figure out how to get myself motivated and hopefully by putting it here I will be encouraged to at least attempt to do all of this.


  1. I think to get the house squared away I am going to have to do a “Clean Sweep” style purge on the place. I discovered an unopened box of knives under the kitchen sink from Christmas 1998. Wow! This might take me a while. Good thing I gave myself a year to get this accomplished lol.

  2. Began a class on Emotional Freedom Technique. Unfortunately I am too late to get certification in it but I can still use it for my clients and myself. To that end I am currently using it to help me quit smoking. So far I am down to 1 pack every 2 days. And its my time off where I usually smoke 2 packs a day so I am seeing some progress there. Its nice to know that I have a choice of when to smoke and when not to. I feel less panicky about giving up my smokes now. And seriously that helps tons!

  3. Indumati Devi Dasi Said:

    That is great! 2 packs of cigarettes a day is way too much. No wonder you couldn’t accomplish certan things like getting in shape or orginize junk. That should be your number 1 concern! Quit smoking ones and for all! You will and up with so much more free time to do other things instad of puffing, you will have so much more energie, so you can start working out every day, your skin and hair going to be so much more beautiful, you gonna smell much better, and your desire to eat and drink healthier will wake up. Quit smoking and start living! Write down all the things you hate about cigarettes, how its affecting your life and health, making your teeth yellow, etc…Than write down all the wonderful benefits that quiting smoking will do for you. For example: Feeling clean and fresh inside-out, beautiful, white teeth, facial skin thighter, smooter, healthier color, Faster growing, velvety hair, fresh breath always ( you should make it a prioraty to brush your teeth often, use breath Rx gumballs, whitening strips, etc. ) And last but not least, think of yourself as a non-smoker! Put that image in your head! From now on You are a non-smoker women. Its so out of style anyway…You are a new person and loving every moment of it.You do not want to dirty your body and mind with toxic smoke anymore. You done enough damage already. Enough is enough! You certanly dont want to be one of those people who has a rod sticking out of they throat….Anyway, that self hipnosis helped me, and its will help you too! You are the kind of women who likes to write everything down. So do it today! Good luck to you! You will love the results. 🙂

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