Strange Dream

I was going to go visit my parents who lived in a motor home park. My dad had just had brain surgery. Mom was working all the time trying to take care of them and the people that owned the park were letting them live there rent free. I walked over halfway there and then R who was looking amazingly young stopped and picked me up. Our girls and our friend B were with him. R had gotten me some jelly shoes in my size that had tinker belle on them and i loved them. they were so perfectly comfortable. but trying to find them i was late to this conference thing and that pissed off my sister who was in charge of it. I was supposed to speak there but i wasnt sure what the subject i was supposed to speak on was. There was a 3year old little boy there who was doing sexually inappropriate things and his mother was extremely embarrassed and trying to stop him. Then it hit me. this was some sort of christian conference. but they had to turned to me for help because they didn’t know what else to do. Exorcism, and prayer and fasting hadn’t helped, so they turned to the “devil worshiper” to try to get some help for a child they thought had a demon. I was holding the child and praying for him when it became clear to me what was happening. throughout the time that i had been in the is motor home park i had seen kids acting out in ways that i couldnt understand why their parents let them do that. Now i understood they actually had no control. I also understood one other thing. I may be Pagan but i still believe the Bible has some valid truths and here’s one i saw in this motor home park. The sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children. It didnt mean the kids would PAY for those sins it meant that what those parents did in secret were about to be unleashed in public by their children. I was to teach them how to  become lightworkers but none of them would hear me. The men in charge of the group would not allow me to bring in the books and authors i had learned from in order to help these people. they attempted to debunk me but they couldnt refute the evidence of the little boy who who was suddenly a normal three year old instead of a sex maniac. then my friend B suddenly was covered in tattoos of an angelic nature that led him to do horrible things. Someone turned up skinned alive and his face floating in a fishtank. the face kept trying to tell me something but i couldnt understand. I tried to stop B for a long time but he was always sneaking around killing the people trying to help me. finally there was me and one woman left and she offered to be the “bait” if it would give me the opportunity to get a hold of B and stop him. She didnt have to give her life however as B found me first. When he attacked me i got my hands around his neck and began beating his head against the wall until there was nothing left of his head but this blue goo stuff. The building we were in was on fire and we ran out only to confront a big man in a business suit wearing purple gloves i stripped the gloves off him to find the same sigils tattooed on him as on B. he asked me to teach him how to use the power right and i told him that i could not stay and help him but if he was serious about learning to use the power for good things to call me and i gave him my business card.  behind me a wall fell down and my purse slipped out. it was full of money and i said “thank you B. he knew who he was at the last”  Then R came running up and was hugging me and kissing me in that perfect way that makes you just melt completely. I told him i loved the way he kissed. then my mom came over and gave me an album that was full of my school pics and papers and things i have done or said over the years. My sister looked at me and said “she never did that for any of the rest of us” i knew then as i went through it that my mother loved me

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