Oh the life!

So got I diagnosed with hypoglycemia last week. Oh joy! Not. This morning I began the arduous task of beginning to monitor my blood sugar levels. Painful let me tell you. I so do not like pricking the end of my finger. Of course I read on after I had already done it  and found out that I could use my forearm or upper arm as well. Yay! for that at least. I am beginning to feel like a walking disaster area though. First we have the asthma and allerigies to myriads of little things like fur, tomatoes, scented body wash, and certain laundry soaps. Then there came the chronic migraines and the Fibromyalgia. After that the endometriosis tried taking over my life. Ha! I fixed that one. Got the offending organ removed. No more cancer scares and no more horrid PMS. Now theres something sore and painfully hot in my throat. SHIT! I hate this. I was so healthy last year and suddenly things just went downhill. But enough of the whining.

Happily, I have started on my book about the magical and energetic properties of crystals, gemstones and minerals. Would that i had the finances to travel. One of the things I would love to be able to do would be to travel to some of the more exotic locals and learn first hand what the Natives legends and mythos about different stones are. And of course just to check the places out as a tourista type.  I am finding so much information about each stone that I may end up with a comprehensive encyclopedia by the time I’m done. (Like that would be a bad thing?)

On another happy note, the kiddo got me the Legacy of the Divine tarot (a Ciro Marchetti deck) a couple of days ago and I have been having a blast working all my favorite spreads with it. And have been getting some amazing new insights into prior questions. Time to to break out the ole Book of Secrets and do some looking back at other things I’ve thought about and studied with other Tarot decks. It is really interesting to me that I can get more in depth answers when I switch decks back and forth on a particular question.  Working with the Gilded Tarot (from Ciro Marchetti) prior to getting this new deck was very revealing and deeply comprehensive but it’s like the Legacy tarot takes those readings to a deeper level than I have been before. I am sure I will have tons more to say on both decks as I learn to weave them together. My only regret is not being able to get the Tarot of Dreams anymore. Its the second deck from Ciro Marchetti and from what I have seen of it I think it would bring a richness to the story that isnt quite there with just the 2 decks. I shall have to go on a quest to get Mr. Marchetti to at least consider a second printing of the Tarot of Dreams. ~smiles~

Well dear readers I am off to sleep for a bit again as  I am on my crazy schedule of 7 on and 7 off. Happily only 3 more nights on then I can relax for a day or 2 before the busy-ness of  the last season for hunting. Oh and there’s a tree to decorate for Christmas, a Solstice ritual to plan for the kiddo and myself and a Yule ritual to prepare for as well. Being in a multi-religion household means lots and lots of different rituals. We have Catholic (Master and yes we will be attending Mass this year), a Lutheran (Masters kiddo and what the heck do Lutherans do for Christmas?) a Pagan (that would be me and the roomie) and a Wiccan (my kiddo). So yep lots of partying here lol. Darn I need a nap now lol.

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