trust me
come to me
mocking inside
did you laugh at my capture
open the cage door
come fly little bird
watching for the moment
to slam the door shut tormenting with freedom
come little bird
i wont hurt you you lied
did you snicker
gleeful at my innocence
trust me
you promised
never the same
falling in love only a game
this wont hurt
i promise forever
the lies like an oil slick hiding the monster
the glamour of sunshine
blinding my heart
trust me you lied
then ripped me apart
claws buried in soft flesh
you grinned like a wolf
ive got you my pretty
and went for my throat
pain searing hot
tore through my veins
you laughed all delighted
what fun is this game
do you bleed little bird?
theres no where to run
the cage looms before me
i can escape all of this
only a small step
back inside
where all is familiar
where i can hide


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