I was reading through a few articles on sites i have found to be very educational in the past and i found this article on what i thought was going to be an explanation of BDSM. This quote from the first bit of it made my blood run cold.
“The look of horror that flashes across people’s faces when I tell them I love BDSM, is truly priceless. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy coming out to people about it so much. Being lesbian these days is so passé, not many people even care anymore. I needed something else for shock value.”
If more people are thinking like this about BDSM then i’d like to vote that all of us that are in the lifestyle not for the “shock value” but for the actual sense of place it gives us (among other reasons) change our label for our lifestyle to something else. People like this will give the lifestyle a bad name and then wander off to find some new fad to follow while those of us that live this life 24/7/365 are left to battle against the negative stereotypes these wannabes have left. When folks like this person discover just how hard it is to be in the service of or be in charge of someone else they whine and bitch about how unfair it is and go off to tell all their friends how abusive the lifestyle is and how they just got used and mistreated. When all the while we were giving what they swore up and down they wanted until the “shock value” wore off that is. Honestly its nice to know that people like this wont be around for very long but its very frustrating to be trying to find good solid information and come across statements like this on whats supposed to be an educational site.

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