For My Son

There’s the edge

just a step away

You push me back

but i hold on

stay with me

i beg

dont take that step

your sad smile

tears across my heart

i watch

you take that step

i know no matter

how hard i cling

to you

you will go over the edge

without me

i cant go there

with you

the height of the fall

scares me too much

you push me away

i cling harder

don’t go

i beg

but you are already gone

i love you

i know another way

i scream

you step over the edge

you smile sadly

tell me

its too late

too late for us

too late for the love

we could have had

i watch you

step over the edge

the blackness

reaching up to envelope you

as you fall you look up

smiling sadly

as i scream for you


***my son was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder… watching it manifest was the hardest thing as a parent i have ever had to bear.***

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