Everybody Leaves

Everybody leaves sometime. They say they want to stay then they see the real me they find some excuse to leave. It just wont work they say. It’s not you. but i know it is. Because once in a while i catch a glimpse in the mirror i know the scars are showing again. So here i go again. Let my guard down one more time. hoping for the best but knowing… Everybody leaves sometime. But ill take my heart off the shelf. dust it off a kiss for luck cross my fingers this time… but everybody leaves sometime.. I saw my face in the mirror.. traced the lines that i saw there. saw the blankness in my eyes tried so hard to care. but underneath the mask the coldness closes in all my ears hear everybody leaves sometime. touch the scars inside my heart know that they will never heal feel the pain more goodbyes watch my soul die one more time the blood wells from my eyes everybody leaves sometime. I hear the lies.. they drip like honey lure me in with false sweetness promises and lies all rolled up into one. and i tell my own for you. yes ill always be here and love you till i die but look for my way out so i wont have to see you cry. i knew the day would come i could feel it in my soul the day you lost your love for me my world spun out of control so i headed it off at the pass made my move first Everybody leaves sometime… even me. ©DCkahlana

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