Bad Girl?

I am not in anyway shape or form trying to control my Master’s life but there comes a
time when I think I need to put my foot day and say “no more.”
There’s this woman and her husband, Master has been friends with them for 4 years,
myself only 1. The moment I met this woman I knew she was trouble. I tried telling
Master this but he doesnt want to lose the husbands friendship as he really likes the
And i agree.. the guy is a terrific person who doesnt need this woman screwing up his
life. She cheated on him and Master’s name got dragged into as one of the people she
cheated with. So the hubby calls up wanting to know what the hell is going on.
Master tells him that his wife straight up told both of us that she has her hubby whipped
and she does as she pleases. Now through all this last year she has stolen from Masters
little girl, tried to break us up, lied continuously to us, threatened us with the State,
attacked me verbally in nasty text messages, tried getting my daughter all up in arms
against us, stolen stuff from us, and just in general ignored us completely when we
gave her another chance to be friend.
So I get mad and say no more of her and Master will agree with me and see what i am
saying is truth about this woman. She then turns around and bats her skanky eyelashes
and her husband and my Master fall all over themselves to not make waves with her.
She isnt a pretty woman either so its not like they are blinded by her looks. Master gets
angry with her and tells her off only to turn right back around and be nice to her and
allow her in our home and life once again.
This afternoon i wake up to Master chatting with her on the phone telling her all about
how things went in court with his ex-wife as if he and this woman were best buds again.
This after the woman has been bragging to her fuck buddies that she slept with MY man.
First of all, he aint THAT stupid. Secondly, when the hell has he had the time to screw
her? If i’m not with him, he’s asleep, or our girls are with him. Third, why the hell would
Master be giving her sex when he cant even give the sweet, warm, caring, loving woman
who DOES sleep in his bed sex? Okay I get sex… like once a week at most although
most of the time its more like once or twice a month. Usually because something else
is going on and Masters under intense stress.
When i got mad about his talking to her all buddy buddy again, he made excuses as to
why he had to be friends with her. Sorry but i see absolutely NO reason in the world
as to why he should have to be friends with this whore. (And yeah thats what she is, her
actions prove it beyond any shadow of doubt.) Now suddenly IM the one at fault for
not being nicer to her!!! SAY WHAT!!!
That woman comes in and tries to destroy my family every chance she gets and I’m
supposed to take it?? Because this is the only way Master’s daughter will be able to play
with her daughters? Because this is the only way Master and I can be friends with her
husband? Im thinking its time for me to have little heart to heart with this woman. I’d
like nothing more than to slam her head up against a wall and tell her if she EVER comes
near my family again, i’ll break her ugly face. Now I know that this will not solve
anything with this woman and could probably turn Master against me so while i would
LIKE to do it, I wont. For one thing, she could probably beat my ass.
So instead, I’m going to do a boatload of spells to get rid of this woman without harming
Master and her husbands friendship. Because short of the above scenario I dont know
what else will get rid of her.

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