Lets talk about what constitutes abuse for a minute….Abuse is ANYTHING that is done to harm, humiliate, degrade, or just in general make your life hell WITHOUT your consent. I realise there are those out there that enjoy humiliation and thats cool for you… honestly its not abuse.. you like it, need it, crave it, and that is awesome for you. For the rest of us who have perhaps been abused in our pasts or just find it distasteful for whatever reason it is ABUSE. Abuse is illegal not to mention irresponsible. The thing that galls me the most is those who blame their being abused on others… Yes random acts of violence happen but im not talking about random acts of violence. Im talking about being in a relationship where one partner is abusing another. Honestly speaking from experience… The only person you can change is yourself so if you are in a situation that is abusive please dont stick around thinking you are going to change your abuser. You will not. Heres the thing.. submissives.. you have got to learn to start taking care of yourself… you have to learn to stand up for yourself, leave if its that bad but dammit.. stop being a doormat… You dont have to be disrespectful in doing it but for god’s sake stop blaming everyone and everything else around you and DO something positive to rectify the situation. By remaining as you are you imply consent to the situation. By changing yourself, you change the situation. Only you can define what is abuse for you but if you are being abused there are only 2 options for you… get yourself sorted out and become a happier person for it.. or remain where you are and be miserable.

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