When Body Parts Refuse to Cooperate

It’s my hair. It refuses to believe we are submissive. No matter what I do to it, it does it’s own thing. Take this morning for instance. I dutifully cleanse and moisturize it. Then apply a few different creams to get it to lay like Master likes it. Less than 10 minutes later it is a frizz ball again. I straighten it with a blow dryer and comb. A few minutes later it reverts to frizz ball status. I drag out the straightening rod and stand for 20 minutes with my arms in the air, ironing out all the kink and curl. Here it is 32 minutes later and it’s a frizz ball once again. So while I might be submissive my hair seems to think it’s in charge. I am pretty sure that it does this just to see the look of disappointment on Master’s face. Or just to frustrate me. One or the other. Or more than likely both. I have threatened to shave it all off and wear a wig but it pays no attention to the threat and goes about working itself into the kinkiest curls it can. I have medium length hair when it’s straight but by the time my hair gets through with itself it’s shorter than most men and looks like a poodle wrapped itself around the top of my head. And Master simply sighs and mutters something about waiting for winter. Maybe because the hats keep it flat???

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