What’s my Slight Edge?

I am beginning to think I may need to get a PDA. No not a “public display of affection” although so long as it’s not inappropriate… I digress, sorry. No, I think I need a Personal Digital Assistant. My life just gets more and more hectic as I go along and its getting more and more difficult to keep track of all that is going on in my little corner of the world. Plus I love gadgets lol.

I have good intentions though. I get a bunch of calendars and try to find out when everyone in the family has something going on, then add my work schedule, Ray’s placement schedule, business functions I would really love to attend and all that into them and then promptly forget where I have left them.

I recently started reading “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. I’m not too far into it so I’m not sure what the “slight edge” is from his perspective yet but in reading the introduction and the stories he gives I am thinking the “slight edge” just might be perseverance. The frog didnt give up even when it seemed hopeless, the plant just keeps growing despite all appearances to the contrary, and apparently even Jeff himself didn’t give up going after what he wanted from life. I look at how many times I have attempted to get a home based business off the ground and wonder if I am showing perseverance by not giving up. I know the home based business industry is right for me. I hate working for other people and not having the freedom to come and go as I please. But I am beginning to wonder if, despite my desire to be a successful entrepreneur, I am simply lost in wishful thinking. I am not attempting to be negative at all. I am simply wondering if I am perservering at the right things? I keep trying to make a go of things and I am praying that this time I am successful. I have faith that I am because this business is so different from anything I have been involved with before. First of all, they haven’t handed me a bunch of materials and then turned me loose to do this on my own. I have been given materials, sure, but instead of pretending they cant remember my phone number, now I have someone (or several someones as the case may be) asking me how they can help me learn what I need to know, apply that knowledge… in short HELPING me. If left to my own devices I know I would fail.

Having some accountability to people I trust and want to enjoy the respect of really helps me. I don’t want to let these fine folks down. It’s part of my personality to be submissive to authority. I can’t help it. If someone is “the boss of me” I naturally want to do everything they ask of me. Granted these folks are not really my bosses. They don’t have the power to hire or fire me. Only I have that power with this business. But I know I can lose their respect and their wisdom should I just give up. And that isn’t something I want to happen.

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