Thoughts On “Weeds”

Delayed gratification is a tough thing for me in some respects. I gave up on crafting because most crafts require patience and take a long time to finish. At least the ones I had an interest in learning do… needlepoint, crochet, knitting. But I have no problem with gardening even though I know it will be fall or there abouts before I can see the fruits of my labors. So maybe delayed gratification isnt so much the problem as my attention span is. I am not sure exactly how to classify this little weed in the garden of my life. I know it’s a problem for me but how to go about changing it.

Distraction is another big one for me. I can be mightily interested in something and really intend to work on it (the 3 classes I am supposed to be taking come to mind on this one.) but then I get busy with fishing or hunting or some other thing that is very much a priority but tends to push aside what I should be doing as well. I can’t really give up the fishing or hunting so those are food for the family. It’s a bonus that being out in the woods or down by the river rejuvenates my spirit and helps me get my mental balance back. And since it is a part of my faith to find God in His creation it’s also a form of church for me. I can get to feeling like I need another 4 or 5 hours in a day to set aside just for my classes and other forms of me time.

Lynn and I were talking about these things that I use to sabotage my own success. Why do I do that to myself? I have an IQ of 127 and I have a lot of common sense. Enough to know that it is me stopping me from becoming all that I know I can be. I want to move in a certain direction but there is always some part of me that stops me. It’s sincerely frustrating.

The thing is that I KNOW I can reprogram my mind and I know what it takes for me to do it. But yet another area I lack in is the area of consistency. I can do things for a while but then I get bored with the routine and look for something a little more interesting. Or I just forget what it is I was supposed to be doing.

So, Lynn helped me set up a plan that will hopefully bring me to a better place in myself.
First, I am to listen to 3 CDs per day and text her the titles and second, I am to read for 15 minutes then blog about what I learned. There are a few other steps I will need to work on as well but for now my focus is on those.

And now it is time for me to toddle off to bed. See you all again when I wake up.

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