Madison September Seminar Notes

These are my notes from the Madison, WI September Seminar with Orrin and Laurie Woodward.

Repetition is the mother of skill.
Real dreams take TIME to develop
What’s your dream?
What’s your hunger?
“Launching a Leadership Revolution” Read this
The Team gives you the vehicle, you provide the gas.
The principles of success are the same no matter what the business is.
The committee of “They” becomes more important than anything else. Fear of the committee of “They” becomes more important than what “I” think.
Showing the plan is a test of the things you learned from the CDs book and meetings.
Open meetings are critical for your business success. It’s a report card of sort.
How many new people can you get to the meetings? Every week you should try to bring more new people.
3 ways of contacting
1.) Product
2.) Process
3.) Program
New distributors are like bird dogs… all I have to do is find the ones that are interested. Then call in the upline.

Dream, struggle, victory, the pattern is the same for every human being.
Live your life by design not by accident. How much of my life has been lived by accident. Time to start designing.
Whose scripts are you living by?
Instead of thinking “That’s just the way it is” start thinking about how I want it to be.
How are you going to build a Team in business if you cant build a team at home?
What are my limiting beliefs?
The pen is yours- if you dont like the story change it.
The ability to serve is simply a willingness to be of help to others.
Nobody gets a pass on courage in this business.
Any dead fish can float down stream

Laurie Woodward said something about communication that got me to thinking…
I know that communication is more than simply talking about something. Between what Mrs. Woodward said about not simply yelling to get your point across I was thinking about how my family communicates. We get all excited to share something with each other and then another one of us will come along and start talking too. With the TV going and 3 or 4 of us trying to talk to each other as well as Ray and I playing on the computers it can get really loud in here. But nobody has really paid attention to what was said. Instead we should be putting our focus into what the other person has to say.

But on the other hand both our girls feel they can come and tell us anything at anytime because we do respond to what they are saying to us in as positive a manner as we can. Ray and I also take the time once in a while to just spend time talking about what is important to us. Not just as parents but as people. Even though it isnt like we have a nightly gabfest or anything. Our best times of communication seem to be when we are on the verge of sleep or sitting out by the river with our fishing poles. We might not catch a lot of fish but we do get the wrinkles worked out and manage to make sure we are on the same page as parents and friends.

It might seem sort of confusing but I have numerous people tell me that they like being around our family because we all get along so well. And they like coming to our home because its a comfortable place. At that one I looked around and realized they were not talking about my level of decorating skill or how spotless the house was but the atmosphere. My girlfriend came over to pick up her daughter and immediately felt comfortable enough to flop on the floor with the girls while she was chatting with me. And she had only been to the house once before this. But its the same with the family. Our girls feel comfortable enough to come and hang out on the waterbed while we watch movies and they seem to find that the best time to tell us whats going on with them emotionally.

It’s like we have these moments of communication that while they may not be deep earth-shattering conversations seem to make such a difference for them. And for Ray and I really. It seems we dont have to have have these hours long discussions about things to feel like we are communicating effectively.

These are simply my thoughts on the idea of communication in relationships and I am sure that as I go along I will have more to say on the subject eventually.

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