Girlie Girl Madness

October 5th, 2009

Today’s beauty regimine brought to you by Da_Crinkly.
So I woke up at 1am and having nothing exciting to do since I knew I was now going to be awake all night, decided that this chica needed some serious girl time. I lit the candles (must have candles for the me time), put on some Landon Pigg, and slipped into something comfy (read monster floppy tee-shirt and sweats).
Let the Girl Games begin.
First I started with the top of my head. Time to get rid of the dark roots. I had found a lovely shade of white blond that I really wanted to try out so I picked it up. Seemed like tonight was a good time to give it a shot. Seems to be a little more yellow-y than I wanted but at least the dark roots are now blond. And so long as my hair isnt orange, I’m happy. After rinsing out the conditioner that comes with it, I slathered on some 3 Minute Undo from Garnier Fructisse. With hair like mine I can never have too much conditioner.
While the hair goop is doing its thing I exfoliated the face with some Olay Deep pore exfoliating scrub. (At least I think thats the name of it) followed by a St. Ives Peel Off cucmber mask. I have loved that stuff since I was a teenager. It always manages to make my face feel really clean even if I just cleansed.
I dont use a toner (although I probably should but almost everyone I have tried is too drying for my 40 year old skin.) Straight to moisture. I picked up this CoEnzyme Q10 restorative cream at Aldi’s for really really cheap and I slather it on as thick as I can and let it set while I rinsed the 3 minute stuff out of my hair. Yes, I left it in for longer than 3 minutes but my hair is now uber silky soft.
After my hair was rinsed and wrapped in a towel, I used a cotton pad and wiped off the excess restorer stuff. Its really heavy like night cream so I dont leave it to soak in for too long. Otherwise I just get greasy skin that breaks out in ugly little red dots. Not pimples but definitely not attractive anyway.
I have a couple of different eye gel/creams that I use. The eye gel is for the crows feet and such and the eye cream is supposed to help with dark circles. They both just make my eyes feel so much better. Oh don’t forget if you wear contacts to take them out before you start slathering stuff around your eyelids. There’s nothing more painful than eye cream on your contacts.
Alright now, follow that up with some Deep Wrinkle Filler from Garnier Fructisse (yes I love their stuff) and a moisturizer with SPF 10. Hey I know it sounds like a lot of moisturizer but when you get to be my age and you want to keep your skin looking good you do what you gotta do.
And besides, I dont use all of this stuff every day. Usually a couple of times a week is about it for everything. Any other time I use the cleanser, an eyemakeup remover (since I dont leave the house that often without at least mascara and eyeliner on) and the wrinkle filler. Yes the wrinkle filler is awesome! It actually has reduced the heavy lines around my mouth alot since I started using it.
I wear a partial (thats dental for I’m missing a couple teeth and they gave me this thing to fill in the gaps) so at this point, I pop that in a glass of water with a denture cleanser tablet and let it soak while I brush, floss and rinse. The flossing actually takes longer than normal because I’m being super thorough and not rushing to get out the door. Hey its 3 am where am I gonna go?Rinse off the partial and pop it back in. I try not to wander around anywhere including the house with out it but nobody’s awake this time of the day but me anyway. Plus I’m hanging out in the bathroom so its not like anyone’s gonna see me.
Next up, wrap the hair (still wet) back up in a towel and hop in the shower (hot as I can stand it thank you very much) Even if the edges of the towel get wet at least the heat wont mess with my hair. I use a liquid body wash for sensitive skin from Olay. No, it doesnt smell like anything but I’ve found that the older I get the less perfume-y stuff I want next to my skin. It makes me itchy so I stick with non-fragranced stuff for the shower. Perfume gets spritzed in my general direction when I am dressed. That way I have a nice scent without announcing my presence half an hour before I arrive.
That’s something thats always bugged me. People shouldnt wear perfume if they cant understand that even if you cant smell we can! I like people to get a hint of a scent and then want to move a little closer to get a little more. However, you should not be able to smell me when you walk in the room and I’m not there anymore. Okay enough about my perfume proclivities! I am not even wearing any yet.
Where was I? Oh yes! I was in the shower. Alright so in addition to a non-fragranced bodywash I use those nifty bath gloves for scrubbing down really well. For hard to reach spots like my back I use a loofah on a stick (I dont know what else to call it) or a good back brush. I scrub hard so that the blood circulates and the dead skin gets scrubbed off. I hate getting out of the shower and toweling off only to discover that gray stuff on the towel. It’s just gross. And the whole point of this girlie-girl madness is to not feel gross.
When it comes to shaving I don’t use shaving creams anymore. I use a super cheap hair conditioner I can get by the bucketsful. It softens the hair I’m shaving nicely, there’s usually no alcohol to dry out my skin, and most of them smell pretty good without over powering you. Also I always use a new razor to shave with. I’m lucky I dont have to shave very often as my hair doesnt grow very fast and when it does come in its very fine for the most part. I usually run the razor over the shaved area a couple of times though just to make sure I didnt miss any spots. (Which I did anyway… sigh.)
By now my feet have been soaking for a decent length of time now so I use a pumice stone and scrub the callouses and make sure the feets are soft and silky. Once I turn off the water but, before I get out, I slick up in baby oil. Non-scented of course. I rub it in as best as I can then hop out and PAT dry. If you scrub dry you just wipe the baby oil off. My skin is still slightly damp so I start putting on a self-tanning moisturizer. I do my knees and elbows and any calloused spots very last. I use a very light self tanning moisturizer as I want to glow softly, not be able to go hunting nude. Blaze orange isnt the best color for me, you know?
Once the moisturizer dries then I goop up my feet with A&D ointment and slip on some plastic grocery bags and cover them up with my cotton wool rag socks. I like the plastic grocery bags for this because they are big enough I can use them a couple of days in a row before I toss them out. I usually wear a white oversized tee shirt while the self tanner dries so I can bleach any stains out.
Unwrap the hair, slick in some antifrizz shine serum and straightening gel. Comb the mop to get the product all the way through and voila all done.
Depending on my mood I’ll throw in a pedi/mani but I wasn’t in the mood to hunt in the darkened bedroom for my red polish. He’s a real grouch when I turn on the light while he’s trying to sleep.
Final step in my night of girlie girl madness.. Nivea’ Kiss of Shine lip balm. I keep a tube on my desk, one in my purse, one in the car, and I think there might be one in my jacket pocket. This stuff is awesome because it STAYS on forever. Even when I’m not all slicked up I can feel it on my lips. And wow are they soft! Love, love, love soft lips!!

So there you have it. Girlie-girl-ness run amuck!

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