Forum vs. Blogging

Im attempting to get a forum going. Been working on it for a few months now. I have 5 members. WOOOO HOOO! I like the idea of a forum because folks get to interact more with whats posted on it. At least thats the idea anyway. Also I like the forum idea because its easy to organize. I can have threads for every single thing I am interested in and people can start threads for stuff they are interested in. It’s like a big potluck. Everybody brings a dish and we all get to sample from it. A blog… well folks read it and can leave comments if they like but it just doesnt seem to me to be all that interactive. So i went and paid for a forum. It’s not burning up the world with membership but there’s interesting things there. Or perhaps thats my own vanity wanting it to be so. Maybe I should pay for my blog too? Well that will be a question for a few more months down the road. Perhaps if more folks seem interested in what I have to say. Now here’s a question. I’m not a celeb so how do I attract people to my blog or my forum? Hmmm… something to ponder.

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