First Workout

OMG!!! First workout was both horrible and wonderful. Its nice to discover the legs and arms are still fairly strong. A little trembly but not so bad. The abs however… burning and not in a “good workout” kind of way. Time for a pain pill and a hot shower. (Well drat! one of the kiddos got the shower first. At least I have pain pills.)
I didn’t realize how much i missed working out. Between the health problems and winter I have let myself go. Anyway, am going to journal the foods eaten today (2 bowls of oatmeal with brown sugar and butter and 6 peanut butter oreos so far. Bad girl I know) and my exercises done (10 minutes of Windsor Pilates Ab Sculpting and 20 minutes of Dance It off!)
Well at least I am trying again and thats gotta count for something right?
Went on this website and got myself some goals set. Mostly just the basics for someone my age and I, of course, am going to have to work up to them but it was really great to get some focus on what I want to be able to do. Also got a bunch of great tips for weight loss from the Fitness and Weight Loss group over on Fetlife. I am going to have to remember to drink 64 oz of water a day. That one could be tricky for me since water tends to give me heartburn. But maybe as I cleanse my system out it wont be so bad.
Anyway, Not too bad for a first day I’m thinking.

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