Figuring it out

Okay so now I’m here. What to write about? I am really terrific at a lot of things. Passionate about only a few. For example, I’m a fantastic housekeeper/organizer. At the moment you can’t tell really because I have been working the night shift and the things I usually do when I am off work don’t get done by anyone else in the house when I am working. But. I am not really passionate about it. It’s what I have to do. Definitely not on my list of “Want To Do.”

Now fishing on the other hand, is something I am passionate about. I could spend literally ALL my time out fishing. I don’t really care what I catch either so long as I can eat it.  I love reading my friends posts about their latest fishing experiences, checking out their photos of the fish they catch, and posting my own things about fishing. I could fish all day, every day, really not looking to catch trophies either. I just want to drop a line in the water and feel that tug on the line. Getting to holler “Fish On!” is the highlight of my day, I must say.

But, I’m not really sure that all I want to write about is fishing.  Because I am also into things like alternative healing, family, and a whole host of other stuff that makes me who I am. Maybe I’ll just post it all. A little of this, a little of that and a whole lot of everything.

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