Drama Queen Invasion

Theres two of em invading my life right now. One is the ex-biotch who seems to think she can dictate whatever placement terms she likes when she likes how she likes when it comes to their kiddo. The second one is a prescription pill junkie. I dont want a goddam thing to do with either of them. The ex i can understand being in his life they have a child together. What I cant understand is why he just doesnt tell her in response to every email “Take it up with the judge” instead of having to have these semi-nasty sarcastic conversations via email with her. This second one i can not understand at all. Yes her hubby is a dear sweet friend who shouldnt have to deal with the bullshit his wife deals but he does so very well. This woman has tried to get into bed with my sweet babboo, has stolen from us, has lied to us and threatened us with social services when she didnt get her way. Three times the sweet babboo has let her back into our lives even though i have begged him not to. Even though I have stated flatly what she is after and why. I refuse to talk to her beyond answering hello when she calls then I hand him the phone. she doesnt want to talk to me and i know it. she would prefer i fell off the face of the planet.I have told him over and over how this makes me feel. Do i need to tattoo it on my forehead that she is not to be trusted within 5 feet of him or anything to do with him??? I know guys dont do well with hints so i have stated flatly and point blank. She is a bitch in heat looking for her next fix and shes decided you are it darling. and yet here it is after 11pm on my first night off in a week and he is in the bedroom talking to her on the phone. I am not going in there because i dont want to know what they are talking about. I dont want to hear her voice whining and crying on my sweet babboos shoulder. This woman is BAD NEWS but he keeps going back for more. In all other areas of life he and I pretty much agree on things. But not her. I cannot nor ever will abide that woman. But shes cleaning up her act and needs support cries the sweet babboo. Fine let her join NA and find religion. Whatever just stay the fuck away from me and my family. I have no respect for a woman with morals of an alley cat. Hell I have more respect for the alley cat. I keep telling him that he is nothing more than a conquest to him. He can not seem to understand that concept. So I tell him. Its like the guys that will sleep with anything that wiggles and has tits. It aint about love, money or even sex. Its about the “I did it!” mentality. Even better when the person they are trying to sleep with is a challenge. Then it becomes an “I went where no man has gone before. Or did something that noone else has done.” In this case, I slept with a guy who is clearly devoted to his girl even if he doesnt listen to her on this subject. And if she could make it happen then it will give her something to rub in my face because even on a bad day i dont look skanky as she does. Im competition and in her eyes she has to knock me out of the running. Its extremely high school and extremely immature but then not everyone can be as cool as me lol

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