Day 6 Post-Surgery

Still feeling pretty good although sore but I suppose that’s to be expected after a hysterectomy. Even a Da Vinci robotic one. I actually slept in our bed for the first time since I got home from the hospital. I was up and down all night but at least I was able to get in and out of the bed without a lot of pain. Well, except that first time when I was sleep walking and ran straight into the door. I don’t think I have any bruises from it but I’ll have to check later on. That’s one of the problems I have with taking pain pills. They mess me up so bad I do stupid things like sleep walk. Oh well, I will stay home today and hang my wind chimes around the garage with Shades and the kidlets today and that’s going to be the extent of my “exercise.” I’m getting these funky shooting pains from my pelvis to my knees on the insides of my thighs so I am not doing a whole lot today.


Whooping Cranes USFWS.
Image via Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia
Friday I rode down with Shades to pick up his kiddo and on our way back we saw 5 whooping cranes in one small area. Way way cool. we stopped to try to get pics but a Trooper pulled in behind us and informed us it was illegal to pull off the interstate. Yeah but… but.. there’s Whooping Cranes!!! Didn’t the guy know how rare it is to see so many in one spot??? Sigh, his loss, at least we got to see them. I was hurting pretty bad by the time we got home though so didn’t stay up to watch movies with everyone.

Marc Schulman of Orchid Outriggers, Los Osos, ...Image via Wikipedia

Then Saturday we went fishing in the afternoon with one of our buddies. Watched an Osprey catch 2 walleyes right in front of us. I got a pic of the second catch but don’t know how well it can be viewed as it looks pretty tiny on my cell phone screen at the moment. Oh well I’ll upload it to the computer later on and hope its bigger so you can actually see what kind of bird it is. Shades and I caught a clam who ate our minnows at the same time. That was funny. I know I got a decent shot of the clam lol.

Shade’s daughter goes home today so don’t know that we will wander too far from the house. I really wish that things were over with the court stuff. I’d like to be able to spend more time with her. It’s funny but mom is now shopping at Goodwill since thats where I take Toot shopping whenever she’s here. Anything I can do mom can do better. sigh. Holy christmas this woman needs an identity of her own. It is really sad that she’s nearly my age and has to copycat anything I do just to make herself look good to the kiddo. Geez lady find your own talents and skills will ya? I am waiting for her to become an ordained minister, start reading the Tarot, convert to Paganism and have a hysterectomy too. Oh well, the upside.. she’s learning to cook and bake since Toot raves about my food lol.

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