Begging Practice

You know, I think I could take begging lessons from my cat. She has a toy that she loves to play with and can never get enough of. Its just a little rattly mouse thingy on a string but she doesnt care. Its hers and she loves it. She will play with it until everyone in the house has sore arms from flinging it around for her. Then she will pick it up in her mouth and carry it to her favorite spot and lay, sides heaving, on the string so her sister cant get it. From the moment she wakes up until we finally shut the bedroom doors locking her out at night she begs anyone and everyone to play with her. “meeeeees” she begs as she looks up at you with the most pleading look she can muster, “meeee-eee–eeezz?” she taps your leg with her tiny foot making sure she has your full attention. She will then wander towards the toy, look back at you, “meee-eee-eee-eeez?!” A little stronger now and she will run back, hop on your lap and tap your face with that tiny paw. The pleading look is almost more than any of us can bear and we laugh and copy her “meeeez” hoping that we can distract her or that someone else will give in this time and play with her. “meez meez meezmeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzz!” and finally one of us will give in and fling the mouse for her all the while laughing at her acrobatics and aerial feats, knowing  that as soon as we move off to do something else the “meez” will start up again.

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