I Just Got Away With WHAT?

So about 6 weeks ago Master’s niece came to stay with us. She is 18 and was in foster care until she graduated high school in January. She needed a place to stay until she can leave for boot camp so we being the cool folks we are said sure she could stay with us. We let her know up front about the house rules and she said she was cool with them. Then over the course of the last 6 weeks broke every single one of them. Then she had the audacity to lie about a very close family friend. Master and I discussed it thoroughly and I was so angry that i told him “Either she goes or I go.” And I got away with it. I’m shocked at myself for giving an ultimatum because I NEVER give ultimatums and most especially not with Master because that man doesnt bluff. Im shocked that he let me get away with it. Even if he knew that I wasnt bluffing either. I really would have left had he allowed her to continue to stay in this house. It’s not that I am wanting to be punished for it because it’s not a habit with me nor is it likely to become one. It’s just weird knowing that He was okay with my putting my foot down so hard in this instance.

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